Guidelines for Reviewers

You are the influencers! Spher is here to help you influence the nightlife by sharing your view on it based on different safety aspects. You can share your own experiences on our open review platform after, for instance, a visit at your local club, and learn from the experiences of others. One of the benefits of this, besides the reviews and how it might be appreciated by you and others, is that our platform will also be one that companies can rely on in order to improve their establishment. That’s what we call influencing!

For us to stay a reliable platform for everyone to appreciate, we ask that you respect and follow the guidelines below. 


- When can you write a review/influence?

We want to stay true to our mission, which is giving you a change to influence, and therefore, we want you to write a review if you have recently had an honest experience. In other words, you should not give a review if you either haven’t been there or if a venue has asked you to do it by offering an incentive. An incentive can be a gift, discount(s), a bonus after a recommendation etc. We believe that such an act undermines the reliability of the reviews, hence, if a company offers you one, you can report it to us by sending an email to [email protected]


The review(s) that you write will give you a chance to share your experience with others and at the same time, give the companies the feedback they might need. To stay concise, we’ve designed a template so that the given feedbacks are easy to follow but still, given you a chance to give even more details by leaving a summary. Additionally, we want you to be sure that your review is up to date by writing about experiences that have taken place in the last 1 week. We all forget details from time to time, which is why we want you to leave a review as soon as possible (the ultimate timeline would be the very next day). When you share your current experiences, other readers get a feeling of what to expect from a venue. And the venues will obtain valuable and up to date feedback. 


- Keep a good tone and do not defame, write biased or write fake reviews about a company.

Honestly is everything, which is why we ask you to not write a review in someone else’s place, invent or fake an experience. That will not lead to change, nor do you influence the nightlife (in a positive) way. Instead, let others leave their own reviews. Also, we expect you to not leave a review for a company that you are closely linked with, work for, or have as a competitor. No bias or fakeness here, please! 

According to Merriam-Webster, defamation is “the act of communicating false statements about a person that injure the reputation of that person: the act of defaming another…”

One can also defame a company. We want to let you share your own experience, both positive and/or negative, but we also need to be able to remove words and statements that are likely to damage someone's reputation or cause a company major financial loss. See our platform and your review as a lending hand, not a place for revenge or hateful acts. If the bouncers were giving you a hard time, tell it here. If the bar made you feel safe, share your experience with others. 


We imagine everyone who uses our influence and review platform to treat each other with respect. Do not post anything that is harmful, discriminatory, hateful, or defamatory. These are just some examples of behavior that we do not tolerate. Constructive and honest criticism it is what the reviewer’s, the companies, and we want.