For Companies

Why not boast about enjoying the best reputation in town, among women?
You probably are a manager or an owner of a bar/nightclub/Hotel/hostel/cab company. You have amassed a great team of people and pride yourself on being a place women wish to go to alternatively a vehicle to take women safely home. You understand that maintaining a great rumor benefits your business.

You take women's safety very seriously, and you wish to let them know that you care deeply, by encouraging them to give feedback after a night out. You understand that their feedback can be used both as a way of promoting your company, to attract more customers and/or a way to improve so that your current customers get even more satisfied and hopefully sing your praise. 

On top of all this, you are of course a business person and wish to both understand who thr customer is , as well as attract new customers. You of course have a fairly good understanding already, but you wish to be even more accurate.
You have done a good job, but sometimes one cannot do it all. That's where we at Spher comes in.

  • We can help you as a business: 

  • With big data and customer insights so that you can get to know all your customers
  • With ensuring you have tools which you can use to make sure you enjoy the best reputation in town. By supplying you with feedback from women which you can act upon. 
  •  Make sure that tourists in your city are aware of just what an awesome company you have.

If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us via the contact for or send an email to [email protected]