Here, you'll find some of the frequently asked questions about our Influence and Review platform. This section is being updated and there will be more questions added here. If you have one that we can post here, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or simply by sending an email to [email protected]. Every piece of help is very appreciated by the team 😊

Latest update: 2022-11-25

Q: Do I have to be signed up to read reviews?
A: No, everyone can read the reviews on our page.

Q: Can I leave an anonymous review?
A: Yes, there is an option to hide your name and thus, publish your review anonymously.

Q: Will there be a different way to sign up, e.g., by signing up with my Google account?
A: Yes, we are currently working on this option.  

Q: Can I remove a review if I change my mind?
A: You have to reach out to us if you want a review to be removed for some reason. Send us an email ([email protected]) with your username and the date you uploaded your review. We'll then remove it for you. 

Q: Is it possible for me to delete my account?
A: If you ever decide to not be a member of our community we'll of course help you. Send an email to [email protected], where your give us your first and last name, username, and the email you used on our page, and we'll go further from there. 

Q: Which language should I review in?
A: We know that we're targeting countries where the first language isn't English, but English would be the preferred language since we want women from different countries to understand the reviews.