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It all started with a vision of women being able to get their voices heard when it comes to their safety after one of the founder’s friend experienced an unpleasant experience one night out. The voices, thoughts and feelings that can make an impact. Hell, even change the status quo, which might seem like an impossible goal. Imagine if you could tell last night’s club how you really felt about their bouncers, if the location of the restroom made you feel a certain way etc. Well, anything that has to do with how safe you feel and if this can be gathered and shared in a good way. Could we share the voice from an individual, but also from several, as a community? Could we make the nightlife and the stakeholders listen to you? It’s common that the great majority of us always read a review or see a score when we, as an example, plan to purchase something. A certain review or score can even make us decide if we want to watch a movie or not. We care about what others have to say and someone else’s opinion can impact ours. All of a sudden, after reading a couple of reviews about that sweater I wanted to buy for a store that I haven’t ordered from before, I decided to skip it because many said that it’s not a company that takes their customers concerns seriously. We’ve all been there… With that being said, after many conversations with you, as well as all your thoughts and feedbacks that we’ve collected over time, Spher decided that this is the way to do it; a rate and review platform where safety is the subject. Or influence and review, as we call it, since you are the one being the influencers. We want you to use our platform and give a review or two so that other women can read it. Today is a great day for change!💪