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We're growing 😍


The platform has been live in less than a month and wow, talk about a growth! We didn’t expect so many members, or influencers as we call you, after such a short time but here we are. Your reviews make us excited every time and inspires us to improve this platform even more. We’ve understood this now even more, there is a necessity of a space like this one. It helps other women and companies out there to understand the situation women has been facing for such a long time. The nightlife truly needs a change! 


Besides the growth, we’ve started a pilot program for companies where you can test our platform, for free. Hence, if you have a venue that you want to shine a little extra (or if you know someone who has one), do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss it further. 


We’re again happy to see you here and hope that you find your way here again to leave a review or two. 


/ Team Spher 🫶